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mocUP trim - Karamell Braun

mocUP trim - caramel brown

With the mocUP trim you get 100% HANDMADE moccasins. she were manufactured with the lowest possible carbon footprint. The Upper is made of beautiful ETHIOPIAN ABYSSINIAN LEATHER and carefully conforms to the unique contours your feet. The mocUP trim impress with their HAND-WOVEN TEXTILE DETAILS IN TRADITIONAL PATTERNS. The famous soleRebels sole becomes precise cut from a car tire. It's thin, light and awesome flexible. With it, you get unmatched protection no matter what you do do or where you are going. The mocUp trim are slip-on shoes - WITHOUT LACE-UP BINDING you just slip on and off you go. This Moccasins give you comfort beyond your artistic dreams. WEATHER CALL IT WALK NAKED LEVEL COMFORT.

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