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  • Since 2020
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Studio Latitud is a brand based in Malmö, Sweden, that creates ceramics for homes, cafes and restaurants in a Scandinavian style with an element of wabi-sabi - the non-perfect. ""I want to keep it simple. Clean lines, calm colors. And I like when you see the colors and textures of the different clays, and love the contrast between raw clay and glossy glaze" says Maria Richardsson, the designer behind the products. ""You have to see that it is not perfect. The glaze may have run or splattered a bit when glazing, but that makes it vibrant. It is handmade, perhaps with a slight unevenness or skew. Just a little, so it doesn't disturb.""

"I strive to create things that are used again and again. Design is not only about surface, there must be function as well. The cup must be comfortable to hold, the plate must highlight the food, the vase must let the flowers be the focus."

All products are handmade in small editions, so all products become completely unique and get their own soul.
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