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  • Location Milton Keynes
  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Absolutely Shabbylass (Ampthill) All-Dis Pet Malarkey (Newport Pagnell) Crazy Beautiful Life (Lichfield) Cupboard Love (Suffolk) Eco Blitz (Plymouth) Eco Maniax (Stourbridge) Eternal Elegance Beauty (Halifax)
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Growing up my sister and I lived in a pit village in Nottinghamshire with our dad. He was a single dad in a time when there just were no single dads - it was rare to even find a single mum. Every weekend we would follow my dad over to his allotment to eat from the hedgerows and help with the weeding. Being a single parent, money was always tight and my dad would grow the herbs he needed to use for medicine; paracetamol wasn't 16p in Tesco in the 80s, it was about 3 hours wage at the chemist. We grew up understanding what herbs worked for which ailment, how to make tinctures, how to make a "plaster" from infused marigolds. We would make our own natural soap not only because handmade soap was cheaper but because natural soap, handmade soap was just always so much nicer than shop bought. I've followed my dad's example now that I'm an adult and teach my own daughter how to utilise what nature has provided for us in her daily life. I learned how to make natural soap at age 8 and so did my own daughter - hopefully she will carry on the family tradition.

Living a sustainable lifestyle Is very important to me and I've always tried to reduce the amount of waste our family produces. As a result, Suds products are wrapped in compostable paper or sold in recyclable & reusable glass. It is because of this that I only buy my ingredients from other small independent British businesses. Suds products are made completely from scratch by me in the Suds kitchen. I don't buy in any ready made products to re-label as my own and nothing is factory made / mass produced. I keep all of my batch sizes small so that the quality is always perfect. You can be sure that our natural soap (and other products) are completely handmade.

Despite living a life of herbalism, in 2020 I completed a Diploma in Master Herbalism. I wanted to make sure that I grow Suds in such a way that I can always give the best advice possible when it comes to natural healing.

So much of my childhood is wrapped up in Suds natural soap that everything I make has it's own individual story. Maybe one day I'll write a little bio for each handmade soap so you can see why I've chosen the essential oils I have for each product.

In the mean time, I hope you love Suds products as much as I do.

Love your skin and love our planet with Suds.
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