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Explore Your Inner World | Acceptance Journal
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Explore Your Inner World | Acceptance Journal

Acceptance Journal - To examine issues that are subconsciously blocking you from being able to accept and love yourself unconditionally so that you can feel more whole and complete. You might ask: Doesn’t self-acceptance go against the concept of self-improvement? In fact, it’s the opposite. You can’t improve yourself until you accept that you’re not perfect. The key here lies in how you feel. Do you focus on your progress and feel proud? Or do you focus on your flaws and disparage yourself? Acceptance comes when we stop judging – whether that’s ourselves or others. I have felt a strong need to create this journal because we will never feel at peace until we fully accept ourselves. I’m not saying that we should stop improving ourselves. I am saying that we can continue to grow and become better people without beating ourselves up over our imperfections. And we can do so while moving at a pace we’re comfortable with. “Love all the hurt, traumatized, and abandoned parts of yourself. Honoring all of you gives your wholeness a voice.” When we learn to accept and stop judging ourselves, we will automatically become more accepting of others. Our outer perception is a reflection of our beliefs. When we accept who we are, we also naturally accept others for who they are. When we stop judging ourselves, we stop judging others. When we have compassion for ourselves, we have compassion for others. It is my hope that this journal will not only help you to accept yourself and to feel more whole but will also help you to understand that the people you struggle to feel accepted by actually struggling with their own self-acceptance. Their inability to accept you is just a reflection of their own inner conflicts and wounds. If you can learn to understand, let go, and focus on healing yourself, you will create a shield that deflects negative energy and closed minds. Each journal comes with: 30 questions and journaling prompts and exercises designed to help you become more aware of subconscious issues that might be preventing you from being able to accept and love yourself fully as well as accepting those you love and circumstances that don't go as planned. Inspirational quotes throughout. By the time you complete this journal, we hope you will feel more at peace with all that you are.

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