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Tidy Tot. Easy for you. Fun for Baby.

Tidy Tot are the brand leaders in Baby Led Weaning (DME) bibs and accessories. Our multi-award-winning range is sold in over 20 counties worldwide and solves the challenges faced by parents and their babies from birth to pre-school.

Recognised by Magic Maman with a coveted Grand Prix Mam Advisor award, our Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit is a runaway best seller. It is loved by experts in DME, such as Hamstouille (Dr Julie Carillon), Dr Christine Zalejski of Cubes et Petits Pois and Gill Rapley, co-author of the internally acclaimed book 'Baby-Led Weaning'.

In addition to The Bib & Tray Kit and range of co-ordinating bibs, the Tidy Tot range includes reusable wash cloths, lunch bags and bandana bibs for teething babies.

We appreciate every retailer we work with – no matter how small – and would love you to join our team!
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