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We as CACHICCI, are one of the largest, independent Fast Fashion organizations within the Benelux. The company is divided into two separate departments, which work closely together: SALES & PR/MARKETING. This ultimate combination makes the company exceptional and very powerful.

CACHICCI was founded early 2012. Since, the company has delivered Branding, Marketing, Distribution and Sales for several international companies.

The company has grown extensively over the past years. Representing leading Fast Fashion brands and more than 500 boutiques in the Benelux area.

We travel the world and the seven seas, in order to offer our clients the best brands. Brands with a meaning, brands with an identity,
brands that make your heart beat faster – brands we truly believe in.



Headquarters are based in Amsterdam, where you can find a specialized Sales- and in-house PR department, as well as a 800m2 showroom.
CACHICCI is the first and only sales and distribution agency that focuses on International Fast Fashion brands. That’s why we are currently one of theleading Fashion Distributors within the Benelux.

CACHICCI delivers through a well-developed retail network, powered by a professional network of individuals who are responsible for the prosperity of the company.

Each brand is handpicked based on its philosophy and position within the market and closely monitored by our salesteam.

With a strong client-oriented approach, CACHICCI seeks to form a unique bond with each client, while providing effective distribution and efficient service.

CACHICCI is specific in its aims, measurable by time and continuously realistic in its goals, yet always aiming for the sky.
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