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  • Location Plettenberg, Allemagne
  • Since 2015
  • Distribution denns, Kaufland, Globus, LPG
Vegan alternatives to honey in organic quality with fair ingredients.

Honey is an alternative to honey in which the bees can be bees and are allowed to keep their honey. Through the
The use of various plant and flower extracts gives the product a wonderful honey aroma. Who does not know
won't notice the difference, our honey isn't just a treat for vegans.

Our honey alternative can be used in the same way as real honey, the taste and consistency do not allow any
Wishes open. Whether for cooking, baking, sweetening or simply as a spread, it is very versatile.

The glasses come with labels made of grass paper. Of course, our labels contain vegan glue. The raw cane sugar is Naturland certified and comes from Davert from the UFRA project in Brazil. Our lids in the new grass paper look are free from PVC and plasticizers (Blue-Seal).
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