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Diffuser 50 ml Charming Chestnut Natural Fragrance
We Love The Planet

Diffuser 50 ml Charming Chestnut Natural Fragrance

Our We Love Diffusers are completely natural. Better for you and the environment. Because our diffusers do not contain synthetic additives they last a lot longer. A small amount of our oil is enough to fill a room with a long lasting scent. "Kajute" is a weed of the tropics. Each branch is carefully chosen for its shape and size, it is then skinned, washed and dried. Not all natural ingredients contain essential oils, to be able to offer these scents anyway we have developed 'natural fragrances'. These scents are based on natural ingredients but modified. Here by we can offer a greater range of scent. The packaging for all our diffusers are made out of used bottles. Handcrafted with great care and converted into a vase. By giving these bottles a second life, we save a lot of material and energy. Not only diffusers has to be sustainable but also the packaging. One package has a vase with a content of 50 ml, two bunches of small twigs and an instruction letter.

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