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  • Since 2016
Knitting is a craft. Anyone who has ever knitted a sweater by hand knows how many hours of work go into such a garment.

Often we only see the end product hanging in the shops, but not the time and work that went into each individual piece of clothing.

As a fashion designer, I worked in large fashion companies for a number of years and experienced the fast pace of fashion. At my own knitwear label wildes. from Darmstadt I now want to slow down and design clothes that will be worn for more than just one season.

I would like to create awareness that my wildes. product is the result of individual valuable work steps in respectful treatment of people and nature, from the extraction of raw materials and yarn production to the design and implementation of the idea to production and delivery.

My Darmstadt knitwear label wildes. combines high quality knitwear with casual urban street style.

The yarns have so far come from Italian yarn manufacturers who care about sustainable production to protect animals and nature.

Were created wild. Knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories since the beginning of the first summer 2021 collection in a Bulgarian knitting factory in compliance with labor protection rights and respect for the environment.

Due to the many labels in the fashion sector with an extensive range of styles and colors with at least 2 collections per year, I have decided, in the interests of sustainability, to "break" my previous fashion cycle for a certain time and start a small project "limited, pure & precious". to start:

*Processing less valuable yarns from the Sartuul sheep and yaks from Mongolia, here the animals live in their natural habitat

*There are only 2 colors: "light" corresponds to the animal's light wool color and "dark" corresponds to the dark wool color. Washed, combed and undyed - naturally beautiful

*High quantities can be found at wildes. not from Darmstadt - now the production is even more limited: the edition depends on the availability of the wool fibers. The stock of fibers depends on various factors, including current weather and climate conditions, whether the animals need their own hair to protect their bodies or whether they can "give it away". from wild. you will be informed which part you have received from the total production quantity.

My knitwear label wildes. it was and will continue to be: clean & pure and made to make you feel a little bit better every day:

High-quality well-being on your skin and the good feeling of wearing sustainability.
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