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  • Since 2021
Céline, agent of Vignerons Rares, which I find on the roads of France, small, even very small estates, but with a very very big soul!
I want to allow small vintages to find their place in a handful of wine merchants or restaurateurs and ensure that they join tables where they can surprise, that's why I'm here.
We are proud to see small. Because when you look small, you see incredible things.
Even if it means getting lost to find them, we travel the smallest roads to meet
simple men and women, whose talent moves us. We go to meet winegrowers who take care of their land and make wines as they see fit.
All these singular universes are built by men and women closest to the earth. Organic cuvées, natural wines and ancient practices.
For those who have linked their menus and their cuisines to the seasons and the men who produce. By inventing a different relationship to goodness, to time, and even sometimes to luxury, by revaluing craftsmanship, and always by putting naturalness before postures, they make codes waltz and speak directly to hearts. They like more than anything to surprise, they celebrate life, they celebrate the Earth.
I give you access to winegrowers, with whom I have forged strong ties, who have neither an export department nor a sales manager and are therefore almost impossible to find, who precisely are never reachable because they do things well, for that they can sell while remaining on their land.
Let yourself be tempted by these beautiful vintages selected by me.
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