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  • Since 2022
4Everyday Handmade is a small brand behind which I am Luisa, a Sicilian artisan.  
This is a small artisan workshop that is committed to creating jewelry that not only beautifies the body, but also the soul.
 I love creating jewelery that makes the wearer feel good both inside and out.   Driven by a passion for craftsmanship and authentic beauty, I strive every day to create creations that inspire confidence and joy in every woman.
 The values ​​that inspire my work are sustainability, craftsmanship and respect.  
I use eco-friendly materials such as wood and stainless steel and hypoallergenic metal components.  
Each piece is created entirely by hand, with the utmost attention and dedication.  
My biggest source of inspiration are my friends and my clients.  
Each creation arises from their request or problem.   I like to listen carefully to their needs and create jewelery that makes them happy and confident.
 My customers tell me that 4Everyday Handmade jewelery is beautiful, very light and one of a kind.   I am proud to create jewelry that brings joy and satisfaction to every woman who wears it.  
You too can take part in my journey towards lightness, freedom and authenticity.   Discover my collections and treat yourself every day to the lightness and uniqueness you deserve

Thank you for choosing 4Everyday Handmade creations.
With love, Luisa
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