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Sexual wellness products wholesale

Try a large selection of wholesale items in our sexual wellness category. Enrich the assortment of your cosmetic shop or beauty salon at a competitive price and with exceptionnal purchasing conditions

Why is Ankorstore the best wholesale supplier of sexual wellness products?

Ankorstore is a wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with tens of thousands of authentic brands across Europe. 

In today’s climate, it’s widely accepted that sexual health and personal pleasure are fundamental elements of our overall health and wellbeing. That’s why Ankorstore is proud to partner with a number of suppliers who specialise in wholesale sexual wellness products. 

Ankorstore has created a community of suppliers who share your values and the values of your customers, which is why all the sex toys, lubricants and oils found on Ankorstore’s online marketplace are high-quality and free from the toxic materials and ingredients used in the past.

Retailers can have confidence in the sexual wellness products they source through Ankorstore, knowing that in order to appear on the platform, products must comply with strict EU regulations around sex toy materials and the user’s subsequent safety.

What kind of sexual wellness products can be found on Ankorstore?

Thanks to Ankorstore’s filter tool, you can search for wholesale sexual wellness products according to your taste, whether want to buy locally and shop by region or fill your shop with products that are ethical, vegan, organic or cruelty-free.

No matter what kind of sexual wellness products you’re looking for, you’ll find them all on Ankorstore – from innovative blue-tooth operated sex toys and natural aphrodisiacs to sex games, contraception and romantic accessories. You can even find products that are practical yet still important, like menstrual cups and intimate cleaning wipes.

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