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Pets products wholesale

Explore a vast range of wholesale products in our pets category. Enrich the catalogue of your furniture and decoration shop and try more than 20,000 exclusive brands on Ankorstore.

How to find the perfect wholesaler to buy my pets products?

Retailers often face difficulty purchasing quality pet products that interest their customers and are made from natural products. Well-known brands are hard to contact too, and wholesalers' minimum purchase quotas can be too much for inventory optimization. Thus, independent merchants are regularly looking for an easy and quick solution for their bulk purchases.

Ankorstore is a marketplace that gives businesses the ability to choose from thousands of brands and a broad range of pet products zero-waste-oriented. By connecting hand-picked wholesalers and shops of all sorts, Ankorstore gives independent merchants the ability to place orders without thinking about minimum order volumes. On Ankorstore, minimum order value is £100, shipping is free on your first order with any brand subject to conditions and the payment terms allow you to pay up to 60 days later.

A large choice of brands and wholesale products for your retail

Ankorstore is the perfect platform for retailers who want to purchase pet products. We have carefully selected our pet products for their quality and originality, so you can be sure you're getting the best for your pet. If you're looking for pet supplies, wholesale pet products, pet accessories, or toys and games, we have what you need.

Ankorstore offers a wide range of pet products to suit any pet's needs, from puppies and kittens to older pets with urinary or digestive problems. We have everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy!

With the filters on site, it is easy to purchase pet products according to their country of manufacture or their characteristics (organic, vegan...). Independent merchants are now able to easily purchase in bulk pet products adapted to the values of their boutiques and the tastes of their customers.

The pet products line is successful among concept stores, retail stores, online stores, markets, supermarkets, grocery shops, kitchen shops, decoration shops, and home shops. The products offered by Ankorstore include pet food, pet toys, pet accessories, and pet care products.

Values and quality engagement of Ankorstore's brands

Ankorstore is a store that almost exclusively selects its wholesalers if they sell products that are handcrafted quality, eco-friendly, zero waste oriented, cruelty free, organic and whose manufacturing is made in one of the European countries. The store has a wide variety of products, but the main focus is on quality over quantity.

Ankorstore is proud to sell pet products that are made in Europe and the UK. These products are of the highest quality and are sure to please your pet. Our pet products are made by leading manufacturers who use only the finest materials. Their products are designed to meet the needs of your pet and to provide them with the best possible care.

Boost your sales thanks to the quality of the products and accessories sold in bulk on Ankorstore. Most of the references on the site are available in all sizes at competitive prices. Today, choose the supplier that suits your boutique and clients!

Discover other pets brands your customers will love.