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  • Since 1969
Our Idropet brand offers the best care, products and treatments to ensure the well-being of our animal friends.
Our machines allow you to carry out exclusive treatments with ozonated water, nanobubbles, chromium milk bubbles and photo therapy and treatment of the hair with oxygen and ultrasound.
Our products offer the best choice on the market, the recipes of each individual product have been meticulously carried out and are approved by veterinarians who have found results on dermatitis, pyoderma, skin redness, alopecia and dermatological problems in general.
Idropet treatments with our machines or even just our nano silvers, or hydrolyzed collagen or biotin always respect the pH of the skin and the health of your animals.
In particular, our nano colloidal silvers are presented in the most advanced form (AgNPs) and guarantee three fundamental advantages: they are first choice broad-spectrum antiseptics, they do not develop bacterial resistance and are not toxic either for humans or animals or for all multicellular organisms.
Silver in nanoparticles has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties as well as accelerating wound healing.
The collagen used by Idropet is "hydrolyzed marine collagen" and the best quality biotin.
You can find in our shop machines for washing your furry dog such as producers of ozonated water and oxygen enrichers with nanobubbles. These are advanced machinery that will allow your customers to obtain the best results both in the washing and drying phases.
Producers of ozone gas are useful not only for sanitizing the premises, but also for running ozone saunas.
The nanobubbles and milk bubbles, on the other hand, guarantee a deep cleaning of the hair and skin in complete respect of the hydrolipidic film and allow gentle joints without stress, recovery of the hair and frequent washing.
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