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  • Since 2005
  • Distribution Yves Saint Laurent - Zadig & Voltaire - La Chaise Longue - Universal - Ripcurl - Diesel - OOTB - Puckator
For over 15 years, our company has been selling humorous, souvenir and customizable condoms.
This may surprise you at first, but I invite you to pay particular attention to it when discovering our journey. 👉

In 2007, we had the simple idea of offering “I ❤️ Paris” condoms in Parisian souvenir shops. 🇬🇧
Within weeks, the concept exceeded all our expectations and 60,000 condoms flooded the market every month, winning the hearts of a clientele largely made up of American tourists.

We then continued our establishments in major European capitals while developing our range of designs.
Building on our success, we have gradually extended our development to the gift market, to be present today in many chain stores, concept stores, party stores, tobacconists, gas stations... All this in 24 European countries 🔥

With more than 500 designs, in different universes 😱 (Memories, EVJF, birthday, Pop Culture, parody...), the range allows everyone to find the model that suits them. Callvin also has 3,000 points of sale, including several chain stores such as La Chaise Longue, which alone has 75 stores in France and which achieved a turnover of 300,000 euros in 2019 with Callvin condoms only.

But also the souvenir shops of the Eiffel Tower, Saint Laurent Paris, Zadig and Voltaire, Relay, Jour De Fête... 🎉🍾🎁

This year, Callvin is moving to the United States 🇺🇸 to support the development of the Yves Saint Laurent range of condoms. It is on this occasion that it will market its own range for gift shops, souvenirs, beach wear, service stations... Note that our products are genuine condoms of superior quality, compliant with FDA and CE standards. In Europe, our condoms have been voted the best condom brand by 60 million consumers. 💪
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