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  • Since 2020
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A l'or gemmes was born in September 2020.
At l'or gemmes it is my commitment to the ethical purchase of stones. I travel to the countries where the stones are extracted to select them. Every stone passes through my hands. to be verified (I am a gemologist and I work with the Paris gemological laboratory). I personally know the craftsmen with whom I work, I know their birthday, the first names of their children,... I have a real relationship with these people.

For me it is important to move, a real selection cannot be done from a distance. In addition, these trips make it possible to check the operation on site both at the environmental level and at the human level. There are still so many countries where child labor is legal.

I am an idealist, I want to open a company in each country where I buy as soon as I can to hire people there and give a decent salary to as many people as possible. These people are doing exceptional work and clearly don't get the recognition they deserve. Have you ever mined under a blazing sun? It's exhausting! And yet I believe that the worst is when you have to slip into a very small gallery and bend over backwards. Means and safety are often laborious, accidents frequent. They are however paid a pittance and I find that scandalous because without them we would not have access to so many marvels. Another important thing to know about me is that I am very committed to ecology. The exploitation of stones does not often have it and that is why I only work with small artisans who do not distort the environment. In addition, I recycle all my packaging, the merchants in my city provide me with shoe boxes, packaging boxes, bubble wrap,... I buy very few things so you save money since I don't pass that on to you. the costs. So yes your packaging will not necessarily be glamorous but if you want a beautiful packaging box it will not be with me sorry. But sincerely for something that will end up in the trash I don't see the point.

I take almost all of my photos outdoors, in my garden with natural light. I don't use any filters, there is no editing software (with white balance and company),... everything is 100% natural so you can see the stones as they really are. I really don't want you to be disappointed at reception, it's probably one of my worst fears. That's why I put a lot of visuals whether photos and videos.

Here you will find mainly cabochons and pearls. Other products will be added little by little as my discoveries and analyzes progress.
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