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Naturbox 0,6 L Mandarin

Naturbox 0,6 L Mandarin

sustainable storage jar ✓ CO2 neutral ✓ made in Germany ✓ 100% natural ✓ no melamine ✓ from sugar cane & lime ✓ SUSTAINABLE NATURAL BOX FROM AJAA! The ajaa! Natural boxes are made from 100% natural material - only sugar cane and minerals. In different sizes, with a clear, puristic design and different colored rings, they can be used in almost unlimited ways. The storage jars are stackable, freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, food-safe, and completely free of plasticizers and harmful substances. THE NATURAL BOX FOR ALL OCCASIONS The ajaa! Natural box for your kitchen: whether flour, rice, muesli, semolina or pasta, nuts, coffee or tea ... the application for dry food knows practically no limits. The ajaa! Natural box for the fridge: the ajaa is for sausage, meat, cheese and all kinds of vegetables! Natural box the ideal freshness box. The ajaa! Is also ideal for storing leftovers after eating. Natural box ideally suited. The ajaa! Natural box as a freezer box: To store food for a long time, you can use the ajaa! Freeze and store a wide variety of foods - completely without plastic made from petroleum. The ajaa! Natural box in unpacked shops: The sustainable storage jars are also fantastic as containers for unpacked shops! In this way, the unpackaged food can be transported pollutant-free and kept fresh. OUR PROMISE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT The ajaa! Natural boxes prove that beautiful and useful things can also meet the highest standards of environmental and social compatibility. Ajaa! relies entirely on the use of renewable raw materials in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. A major advantage over petroleum plastic is that plasticizers such as BPA can be completely dispensed with. The boxes are particularly high quality, durable and 100% recyclable. All ajaa! Products are 100% made in Germany. With the "Made in Germany" promise, ajaa! Guarantees that all products meet the highest quality standards. TIP Each box is supplied with a colored ring, which makes it very easy to distinguish the individual boxes from each other and to mark them. Organizing the groceries is so easy! In addition, the simple design of the jar makes it ideal for serving food on the table. Dishwasher safe: yes

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