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Kit Protection

Protective kit

Throughout the day we come across people who are more or less charged with negative energies. This protection kit will act as a real shield against harmful energies while maintaining your own aura. This kit includes 3 stones in an Atelier KARA linen pouch with instructions for use. 1 rolled tiger eye stone Confidence & Audacity: Stone of protection, the tiger's eye acts like a boomerang, it returns negative energies to its transmitter. It helps to take a step back and question yourself when necessary. It allows you to be more attentive to your own desires. Associated with the sun, it strengthens self-confidence, courage, audacity, generosity and ambition. 1 tumbled Black Tourmaline stone Anchoring & Protection: In lithotherapy, black tourmaline stone is a very powerful protection stone which is known for its great ability to store negative energies while eliminating them to the ground. 1 rolled Labradorite stone Protection & Communication: A powerful stone of protection, Labradorite is suitable for hypersensitive and/or empathic people. It allows you not to be affected by the discomfort of others and to preserve your own energy, while facilitating communication. It plays both the role of shield and sponge because it protects from the evils of others and absorbs negative energies. None of the information we share in lithotherapy should be used as a replacement for a medical consultation.

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