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Aubry Gaspard

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  • Since 2022
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AUBRY GASPARD is a family business specializing in the purchase and sale of basketry and decoration.

At its beginnings in 1920, the activity consisted of harvesting wicker in Glonville in Meurthe-et-Moselle. From 1935, the activity extended to regional trade in utilitarian basketry, made on site.

In 1947, the company officially took the name AUBRY GASPARD. The first purchases in Eastern Europe began in 1962. Seven years later, AUBRY GASPARD absorbed the company VANNERIE NOUVELLE in Paris.

The year 1970 marked an important turning point, with on the one hand the first purchases in China, and on the other hand the installation of the company in Baccarat. This new location will make it possible to extend the means of storage through the purchase and transformation of several surrounding “Military Barracks”.

New major steps in 1988: VANNERIE NOUVELLE settles in Créteil and now benefits from a space of 5000 m² while in Baccarat, a logistics platform is set up.

The company continues its good growth, so much so that in 2002, the Social Capital is increased to 3,000,000€. A year later, the head office was transferred to 22, rue du XX Bataillon in Baccarat and a 700 m² showroom was created to welcome its customers and introduce them to its collections: home furniture, decoration, garden and containers...

From basketry to decoration

Basketry is a craft that has been practiced since the dawn of time. At the beginning of the previous century, all basketry was made in our countryside. After the Glorious Thirties, most of the production was relocated and AUBRY GASPARD then began to import most of its products, then expanded its ranges with decorative products.

At the heart of the processes: the environment

When the ecological interest of the planet and the passion for decoration intersect, the idea of using materials from natural resources makes perfect sense. Then discover a collection rich in products in wicker, bamboo, rattan, wood, glass and any other material whose control and recycling are real concerns.

Over the years and through family successions, AUBRY GASPARD reinvents itself and invests to keep its serious and reliable reputation while remaining faithful to the spirit and values carried since the first generation: listening, respect, responsiveness and 'requirement.

Listening and respect within the team and towards customers. Responsiveness in processing requests. And finally the requirement in the choice of products.

With around forty employees invested in the company, AUBRY GASPARD has been able to establish its brand image on international markets as a specialist in basketry and decoration for the home and garden.
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