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  • Since 2014
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It all started 10 years ago, with an idea. After a surf trip through Europe, our founder Simon wanted to track his surf travels by pinning the spots he had been on a map. But a political map was way too boring for that - so he made his own! The Surftrip Map was the very first one.

Today we have over 20 map themes. For all passions. The only products we make are those we're deeply passionate about and we think it shows. Each map is meticulously researched by experts, hand-illustrated by our favorite designers and printed with love in Berlin, Germany.

We’re a remote team of 6. We work from all over the world, including Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, Lisbon and Asia. Plus our extended team. A community of illustrators, designers, web developers and explorers working on helping you discover your world.

All our products are made in the EU using highest quality materials with eco standards. With some of our supply partners we've worked for 10+ years, from our renowned printing company, to the packaging partner employing people with disabilities, both in the heart of Berlin.

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Awesome Maps
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