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Straw bamboo


Product type: straw PIECES PER PACK: 5 straws and a brush. MATERIAL: 100% bamboo SIZE: Ø 7-10mm Length 20cm Each straw is unique because it comes directly from the bamboo stick will be produced. The color and diameter are different. DISPOSAL: Our straws are biodegradable and can also be used in Organic waste. PACKAGING: - 100% plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard. - Dispose of the packaging in waste paper. PRODUCED IN: Bali APPLICATION: No matter if soda, smoothie or cocktail with the Bali-Bali straws you can enjoy your drinks without a guilty conscience! The bamboo drinking straws are light and extremely robust, that's why they are compared to glass straws for on the go and children for sure. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The Bali-Bali straws can be used with the brush supplied simply clean with lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid. The Let the straws dry well after rinsing. Do not use the straws for a long time, e.g. over Let it stand in liquid at night to ensure its longevity guarantee.

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