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Baltic Beauty

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Welcome to Baltic Beauty Jewellery.

Co-Founders Sally-Ann and fiancé Bartosz, first began Baltic Beauty back in 2012, offering a brand new modern way to wear Amber Jewellery.

We first discovered our love for Amber on a weekend vacation to the City of Amber - Gdansk, Poland. We couldn't believe the beauty, history and unique nature of this incredible mineral.

Baltic Beauty strives to promote a modern image of timeless amber jewellery. Stylish, natural and timelessly elegant - our jewellery is perfect for the modern woman. Known for our exquisite designs and traditional craftsmanship, Baltic Beauty has sold its Amber Jewellery all across the globe!

Crafted with .925 Sterling Silver, our jewellery complies with the Hallmarking regulations outlined by the Birmingham Assay Office. Baltic Beauty is also a recommended seller of Amber by the International Amber Association (IAA), so you can buy in confidence of the authenticity of your Amber Jewellery. We follow all guidelines as described by the IAA, using only genuine non-pressed, real Baltic Amber.

Baltic Beauty Jewellery is all handmade and hand finished, offering exclusive designs, one of a kind treasures and timeless accessories. Our Amber has been sculpted for centuries by the waves of the Baltic Sea, and hand picked just off the shores of Poland. This, along with our hallmarked Sterling Silver gives a huge range of high quality jewellery pieces, to last you a lifetime.
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