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Bol coco Nacré Egg Shell
Bamboo Spirit

Egg Shell Coconut Bowl

COCONUT BOWL - EGGSHELL Our Coco bowls are handcrafted from sustainable resources Our bowls are made from recycled coconut shell and eggshell. They are handmade, in Vietnam, in an artisanal way, from sustainable resources. Each coconut bowl is unique in shape and color, with quality finishes. The coconut bowls will give an exotic touch to your interior decoration. Each bowl is unique in shape and color, with quality finishes. The bowls can be used to store small objects but also for basic food use and will enhance your appetizers, muesli, poke bowls or fruit salads. The coconuts are cut, cleaned, sanded and polished by hand with care. The shell is nourished with coconut oil to give it a shiny appearance. The heart patterns are pieces of eggshell which are then painted with water-based paint and lacquered with edible varnish COCONUT BOWL - MULTI PURPOSE: Coco bowls can also be used as decoration or for food use with dry ingredients and at room temperature. Natural product, environmentally friendly Practical and trendy Quality finishes

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