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  • Since 2013
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At Beanies we think life is all about flavour.
So we’ve made a flavour coffee to suit every moment. Because sometimes it’s a super Sticky Toffee kinda day. And others it’s a cheeky Cherry Chocolate kinda day.
You name it, we’ve got the full-on, all-out flavour to go with it.
Every one is full to the brim with the biggest, boldest, most delicious-est tastes you can imagine. And they’re sugar free and low in calories too, so it’s guilt-free indulgence all the way.
Whatever the occasion, we’ve got the flavour to match. From the moment the jar is popped open and releases the aroma, to the very last sip, we make sure that the experience is full-on and ultimately satisfying.
That’s Beanies.
Bring on the flavour.
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