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Bombe De Peinture Rose Bonbon
Belle Couleur

Bombe De Peinture Rose Bonbon

In order to obtain a matte finish on all the colours, it will suffice to apply a coat of transparent matte effect varnish from the same brand after applying your paint. How to use a spray paint correctly? Thoroughly clean and prepare the support: Sand, wipe, degrease and rinse with clear water before having a clean and ready support to receive paint. You have to be careful to avoid having dust and imperfections after the coats of paint. The temperature of the support must be between 15° and 22° Use an undercoat/primer depending on the nature of the support: PVC, iron, metal, plastic, wood to strengthen the adhesion of the paint, standardize the color of the support to be covered and improve the durability of the paint over time. Before use, shake the spray vigorously for at least 1 min. Apply at a distance of about 15 to 25 cm from the support with a slow and constant horizontal movement Make 3 passes spaced 20 minutes between each application. It is better to do several thin layers. This provides fine, even coverage. Thorough drying in 8 hours After using the bomb, plan to turn the spray upside down, press the diffuser for 2 to 3 seconds to clean the spray. Technical informations : Self-cleaning and anti-drip valve Usable indoors and outdoors Indoor air emissions: A+ Capacity 400ml 100% acrylic and scratch resistant paint Care: Washable Usable in all seasons (spring, autonomous, summer, winter) High resistance on all supports (wood, concrete, metal, pvc, plastic etc.) The bombs comply with the RoHS directive (restriction of hazardous substances). What covering power with a spray paint? Homogeneous tone-on-tone support -> 2m² Homogeneous support passage dark color on clear -> 1.5 m² with use of undercoat Homogeneous support passage dark color on clear -> 1 m² without undercoat Homogeneous support passage of light color on dark -> 1 m² with use of undercoat Homogeneous support light to dark color transition -> 0.5m² without undercoat Shiny Effect Capacity 400ml

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