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  • Since 2020
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BiArt tries to do good with beauty.

I seek, through drawings with simple and fluid lines, to highlight sensitivity and softness and bring comfort and a little poetry to everyday life.

This softness, it is found quite naturally in my practice. I print my creations by hand, thanks to an artistic technique from the beginning of the 20th century: linocut.
After 3 years of practice, I have developed a know-how that goes against current printing techniques. Where the latter use solvents and machines, I use water-based products and my manual press. Drying is done in the open air, where usually electric dryers are used.

This artistic and ecological know-how is also a guarantee of quality in terms of the durability of the prints over time.

For the supports, we choose ecological and local materials: recycled and handmade paper in France, GOTS-certified organic cotton, upcycled fabric, second-hand clothes and Pyrenean wool.

In terms of quantity, BiArt is a production of up to 500 textile pieces/month and 100 stationery pieces/day, which we want to make available to both small designer boutiques and concept stores, as well as brands. more generalists, sensitive to our approach.
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