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Savon Lait d'ânesse Figue Bio
Bleu Blanc Mousse

Organic Fig Donkey Milk Soap

Bleu Blanc Mousse offers you a Marseille soap for the face and body with organic donkey milk and coconut. A soap suitable for all skin types, even the driest, for daily use. LIVING ON FIGS AND FRESH WATER If you have been following the adventures of our favorite Maître Moussier from the beginning, you know how much his youthful travels marked not only his person, but above all his creativity. Today we are flying to Turkey! It is indeed the world's leading producer of figs. Between a visit to the old Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and a trek in the Cappadocia region, our friend still took the time to work a little on his subject. If our little moussiers had time to kill a donkey with figs before receiving the recipe, this does not prevent our Maître Moussier from having once again imagined an irresistible product that cleanses, moisturizes and provides a delicious smell of fruit. . Oops, in time for us, the fig is not a fruit... but you get the idea? To bring this soap closer to perfection, our Maître Moussier has of course enhanced his recipe with organic donkey milk. Would you mind that these two ingredients go together wonderfully (How is that last pun far-fetched?) THE BENEFITS OF ORGANIC DONKEY MILK AND FIGS Organic donkey milk is to our soaps what pollen is to a bee: essential! We eat donkey milk, we drink donkey milk, we sleep donkey milk and we dream donkey milk. Why ? Because it is a golden product… White! Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes, donkey's milk hydrates, revitalizes and helps cells to regenerate. A milk perfectly suited to all skin types and all ages. And the fig in all this? Juicy and full of sunshine, it delights us every summer and early fall. Full of water, it is very moisturizing and brings suppleness to the epidermis. In cosmetics, it is also used as a natural tensor, an excellent way to fight against skin aging. In addition to its incredible properties, the fig brings a sweet fruity and summery scent to the soap. THE COMPOSITION OF FACE AND BODY CLEANSING SOAP WITH ORGANIC DONKEY MILK AND FIG If our Maître Moussier took time to send the recipe to our little mousseurs, the latter, on the other hand, did not drag out! Neither one nor two, they brought together all the ingredients needed to make a Marseille soap: water, soda, glycerin, salt and vegetable oil. They then topped it off with organic donkey milk and fig flavor. HOW TO USE FACE AND BODY SOAP WITH ORGANIC DONKEY MILK AND FIG Our Marseille soap can be used at any time of the day or night, both weekdays and weekends. Jokes aside, all you have to do is moisten it to release its beautiful creamy foam and fruity scent. Do not forget to rinse yourself well with clear water, not to get any in your eyes and not to eat it… For optimal conservation, remember to store your mignonette soap in a dry box after use.

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