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Adventskalender Schwarz/Weiß
Bow & Hummingbird

Advent calendar black and white

Surprise your loved ones with an advent calendar that you can personalize. It contains 24 cards with inspiring fill-in-the-blank (see below), which can be supplemented according to personal wishes. For example, you have the opportunity to give compliments, time or love - it doesn't necessarily have to be big promotions or gifts. The completed cards are then simply put into the enclosed envelopes and can be stuck with the number stickers and hung decoratively with the wooden clips and the cord. A special card - the "Golden Ticket" - is finished with a shimmering gold print and is therefore perfect for your personal highlight. All materials for the calendar have been chosen carefully and with due consideration for nature. In addition to the untreated wooden clips and the cord made of 100% cotton, the cards are made of pure recycled paper and the envelopes are made of paper with raw materials from sustainable forestry. Some text examples of the cards: A big hug and ... A tiny bit for you: ... Away with the cinnamon stars, today you get ... Guarantee card: This year there is no ... Thank you card: You are ... Let yourself be surprised: Date: ... Time: ... Meeting point: Make yourself comfortable. I will for you today ... I just wanted to tell you that ... The snow is falling softly (hopefully), time for ... A priceless gift: ... Pictures say louder than words (space to draw a small picture) Contents: 24 cards with fill in the gaps to fill out (103 x 68 mm) 24 envelopes (110 x 75 mm) 24 stickers 24 wooden clips (3 cm) 3 m cord

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