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50er PiepEi / Intelligente Eieruhr

50 PiepEi / intelligent egg timer

The 50er PiepEi plays three different melodies for three degrees of hardness: QUE SERA - for wimps TEQUILA - for medium-soft eggs THAT'S AMORE - for hard eggs Everyone has a time with which they have a special connection. The youth, the first love, the first child or the first beer. We'll bring that time back, at least a little. Welcome to the 50s. Too soft, too hard - but never to the point. Perfectly cooked eggs are a science in themselves. No problem for the 50 PiepEi. Visually with a petticoat and diner sign, it is retro chic, but technically up to date. Simply store with the eggs, cook with the eggs and wait until the PiepEi sings hits from the 50s. No matter what water temperature you start with and no matter what height you cook, the egg will be perfect. So the Sunday morning serves to indulge in memories. And don't worry if you doze off mentally, the beeping will bring you back to reality because the egg is ready. A perfect gift for all people from the 50s and all lovers of this decade. Good Appetite.

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