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  • Since 2019
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Brass Bee is a family run business launched by husband and wife Jamie and Victoria Reid. The small side- line venture was started in 2019 which has now grown into a worldwide brand selling unique door knockers, designed by the couple, to over 250 stockists around the world.

Their journey began with their first and most popular brass bee knocker. They designed the bee with Jamie’s Manchester roots in mind and knowing that bees were becoming ever more popular within home interiors.

“We began with only two finishes - brass and nickel, today these are still our most popular items however after market research we found there to be need to expand our range which now includes bronze, heritage brass, black, rose gold, pewter and many more – they’ve all proven popular. Soon after this we launched our shells, hares, hearts, paws, dragonfly and the newest additions of a ring bee and honeycomb bee, created by the couple.”

“Many of our customers uploaded images of their revamped doors to Instagram, which gave us lots of content to help grow our page to its current 32,000 followers, which helped spread the word of Brass Bee. This has led to both Victoria and myself quitting our jobs to continue the growth of Brass Bee into an even bigger brand and global success”
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