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Bamboe Badplank 'Comfort'

Bamboo Bathboard 'Comfort'

What could be nicer than relaxing in the bath after a long day of work? The Budu Bath Board makes your moment in the bath even more enjoyable. The Budu Badplank has room for your glass, telephone and your book or tablet. This allows you to comfortably read a book or watch a movie. The Budu Bath Board is a must-have for anyone who likes to take a bath. The Budu Bath Board comes in a sustainable gift box. - Made of 100% sustainable bamboo (FSC® certified) - Suitable for any bath - Extendable in length from 70 to 105 cm - Includes wine glass holder, phone holder and tablet or book support - Equipped with non-slip feet, so that the bath board lies firmly on the bath rim - Water resistant: perfect for the bathroom - Luxurious and elegant look Suitable for any bath The Budu Bathboard is extendable. As a result, the rack fits on almost any bath. The minimum length of the bath rack is 70 cm. The maximum length is 105 cm. Everything within reach You can store everything you need in the bath on the Budu Bathboard. The bath rack is equipped with a wine glass holder, a tablet or book stand and telephone holder. You can also place a glass of drink or a cup of tea on the bath rack. In short: you have everything within reach and enjoy your moment in the bath to the fullest. Brand: Budu Material: 100% sustainable bamboo (FSC® certified) Color: natural color of bamboo Minimum dimensions: 70 x 22 x 4 cm (l x w x h) Maximum dimensions: 105 x 22 x 4 cm (l x w x h) Maximum width tablet: 25 cm Weight: 1730 grams

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