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Carré Royal

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  • Since 1950
  • Distribution L'Exception, Le Bon Marché, Spiral Market, Claska
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Carré Royal is a unisex brand of leather goods accessories with a contemporary design.

Carré Royal is also a quest for Harmony, through Creativity and studied Simplicity.

We offer a wide range of wallets, card holders, belt bags, fanny packs, key rings, mini bags, iPhone cases.

We seek a balance of shapes, touch and colors.

The minimalism that inspires several of our lines aims to support and boost the creativity of users, our distributors and boutiques by focusing on the essentials.

This colorful minimalism sits at the intersection of art, design and architecture. We try to bring art into life. We also bring Joy through colors. 

Our materials & our know-how:

Our project is in fact to offer functional, simple, colorful and timeless accessories.

For this we rely on the know-how of the brand which dates back to the 1950s with the founding of the first workshop in Normandy. We select materials with the greatest care from the best leather or fabrics from European tanneries and workshops.

The Carré Royal team is passionate about researching timeless, traditional or innovative materials.

Our materials are chosen to last. Our leathers are as natural as possible, each skin has a particular density and each color has its own feel. This makes each item truly unique.

For several years we have decided to implement an upcycling program, integrating unused leather from the best French luxury brands into our manufacturing.

Why produce new materials when noble, very resistant materials with exceptional and durable touches already exist?

However, this sometimes makes restocking take longer.

Carré Royal is also a world of colors, luminous colors. We combine colors with each other, create original and elegant dialogues. 

But to really get to know us, you can try our collections, touch them and Ankorstore, thanks to its minimum orders, makes it easy to discover,
the world of Carré Royal.

To find out more…Pascal’s newsletters on know-how:

For several months, we have launched Newsletters, bringing together the know-how that France is full of. 

These Newsletters were born from my passion for Carré Royal, its aesthetic universe, its noble materials and its daily construction.

I wanted to share my discoveries with our distributors during my numerous travels.

In fact, I travel across France meeting creators, manufacturers (of canvas, leather, metal parts, paper), boutiques, partners.
 During these trips, I also have the opportunity to discover numerous know-how, places exceptional for their beauty, their history, to meet people passionate about their Art, their professions, their territories, and driven by a desire of excellence.

One of the vocations of Carré Royal is to support the creativity of each and every person.
 This creativity is, in my opinion, one of the paths to reaching the best of oneself.

I wanted to promote the intelligence of the hand which contributes to preserving our history, our heritage, and to preparing the creations, the dynamism of tomorrow.

Through these letters, these travel notes, I wish to share my curiosity with you. They will undoubtedly present themselves in the form of a joyful patchwork, according to my stops in a city, a village, a countryside of France.

I wanted, here, to share impressions, feelings, perhaps also my wonder at landscapes, refinement, colors, buildings, works of art, or quite simply at Beauty and Harmony.

Our Newsletters are announced regularly on our Instagram page, @carreroyalcom. 

Links and suggestions that sometimes have nothing to do with it…

I am also considering inserting offbeat reading suggestions, podcasts, music of the moment, heard on the road, addresses. All of this is of course not intended for scholarship.

I sometimes write in notebooks, but most often on loose sheets of paper.

These letters should reach you, I hope, at a regular pace.

But ….Who am I ? 

Passionate about noble materials, anchored in territories, traditions, know-how, colors, Art, History.

I discovered the world of leather goods, thanks to a luxury industrialist who introduced me to it, 15 years ago.

I took over the Carré Royal brand more than 10 years ago in order to continue the know-how and create an aesthetic.

While growing up in the Pyrenees, surrounded by splendid nature, I very early had the opportunity to travel the world.

Today I continue this discovery by meeting talented people, exceptional works and magical places, discovering exceptional materials.

My favorite accessories: wallets, belt bags, Carré Royal computer holder and my Yoga mat....and a suitcase with my collections and readings.

See you soon, on Ankorstore or elsewhere in my travels.
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