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C'est Moi Jewels

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  • Since 2013
C'est Moi Jewels is a Dutch jewelery brand, which was founded in 2013 by jewelery designer Art Jagesar. The jewelry of C'est Moi Jewels is made of rich 14 (585) or 18 (750) carat yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, combined with or without diamonds. Our principles are to create a tasteful and high-quality, refined collection.

The C'est Moi Jewels collections consist of necklaces with elements of diamonds, diamond earrings, diamond rings, satin bracelets that can be put together with zodiac signs, letters and or other beautiful symbols and the Forever Locked Bracelet. A piece of jewelry with a very special design element, because as the name suggests, it is no longer possible to open the closure after closing the bracelet once. Something that has never been done worldwide and has now been patented.

In addition, it is very important for us to only work with certified manufacturers.

The jewelry all tell its own story, namely your story.
From Forever Locked bracelets, to the satin bracelets with a gold symbol to the diamond necklaces with an initial or a zodiac sign.
Each piece of jewelry gives you the freedom to put it together as uniquely as possible, just like yourself or your loved one.

With a beautiful range, C'est Moi Jewels brings timeless luxury to every woman around the world every day.
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