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  • Since 2016
Special pieces of jewelry for unique people.
 What does your heart beat for, what puts a smile on your face and what are your personal moments of heart?
 We want to evoke these emotions and memories.  The CEYOLI pieces of jewelry remind you every day to consciously perceive and enjoy every moment.

 We only use material that you will enjoy for a long time.  We make quality jewelry that lasts a long time.  Here we pay attention to certified materials that are good for people and the environment.  Our jewelry and watches are produced in small series and are delivered in high-quality eco-packaging.

 Our loving design made in Germany is reflected in the details.  When you hold our jewelry in your hands, you immediately feel that it is something special.

What does CEYOLI mean?

 CEYOLI stands for celebrate your life - celebrate your life! The abbreviation of 'CE'lebrate 'YO'ur 'LI'fe is our credo at CEYOLI.  CEYOLI is an attitude to life, a life motto and what drives us.  We celebrate our time.  We know that everything is a gift and that after every rain the sun shines again.  We value what we have in our lives and are grateful for all the people who work with us to make life more colorful.  We celebrate who we are and who we want to become!  We celebrate every day - more and more!

 With this in mind - celebrate YOUR life!
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