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Color tops chameleon pens - tons floraux

Color tops chameleon pens - tons floraux

Perfectly suited for Chameleon Pens markers, this set of 5 Color Tops ink tips in FLORAL Tones colors ((Dusty Rose, Peony Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, Mauve) will allow you to achieve high quality color to color gradients! The combinations then become endless thanks to this accessory! Simply place a COLOR TOP Chameleon on one of the leads of your MARKER Chameleon. Rather than mixing 2 colors on your sheet and wearing out your marker's leads, mix them at the source (mine) to create new and luminous shades, with no break in tone. Even 2 opposite colors such as green and orange mix very well for exceptional color rendering. Professional alcohol-based ink Non-toxic and virtually odorless Refillable ink and replaceable nib

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