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Helping adults and children with eczema to sleep well and live comfortably by providing organic cotton clothing solutions.

We have lived with eczema in our families for over 40 years so we know our clothing works!

How can clothing help? The right fabric and the right design is crucial to provide comfort and protection for itchy sensitive skin.

The right fabric for itchy skin needs to be:
• washable at 60 degrees to remove creams, dead skin and dust mites
• chemical-free
• latex free

Organic Cotton fits the bill perfectly. This breathable sustainable fabric is light enough to float over burning skin yet strong enough to protect it. It looks good and lasts well.

Our pioneering range of eczema clothing has been thoughtfully designed by people who understand skin conditions. Real flat seams (not overlapping ones that create a ridge of fabric), labels on the outside and soft fastenings.

Our registered designs are here to help you all to get a better night’s sleep and live your most comfortable life.
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