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T Rex Dinosuit wearable construction toy

T Rex Dinosuit wearable construction toy

The Dinosaur construction toy that you wear and control. Walk, stalk and roar like your favourite dinosaur! This innovative action construction toy lets you step back in time and be a mighty T Rex. Fits children 6+ (with a little help making from adults for younger children) Fully adjustable to fit all sizes Safety is a priority for us and we have tested all of our toys with both a CE and UKCA certificate. Box includes over 40 x slot together card pieces and 58 components, 1 x clear and easy pictorial instructions booklet, 1 x specific dinosaur information sheet Innovative design and superior materials make the suits very strong and durable for plenty of wear and play. Easy to hang up or take apart to store in between play Eco Friendly Made from 90% recyclable materials and we are working to achieve 100%. FSC certified which means our card and wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests or is recycled. Re-makable, the suits can be deconstructed and remade over again which means they are reusable unlike most construction toys. S.T.E.M. for Parents and Teachers Our Dinosuits were created within an educational environment by teachers to foster learning skills. These include gross motor skills through wearing and coordinating all aspects of the Dinosuits movement. The suits and instructions are designed for children to create the suits themselves, developing fine motor skills, visualisation and self motivation. Once built the suits encourage socially interactive and imaginative play.

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