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Reflex trainer voor vechtsport Dragon Do  | rood | per 2 st
Dragon Do

Reflex trainer voor vechtsport Dragon Do | rood | per 2 st

With this martial arts reflex trainer you will not only train and improve your reflexes, but also your coordination, responsiveness, precision and speed.About this Dragon Do reflex trainer: great for any martial arts training made of high quality PU leather shock absorbing EVA foam filling 55 x 5 cmin green, yellow or red with handy loop and special fist gripTrainer of your reflexes, speed, coordination and flexibilityThese unique hand pads or reflex trainers in the form of martial arts sticks are handy and lightning-fast sparring partners for MMA, (kick) boxing, muay thai, karate , taekwondo and all other martial arts. With a reflex trainer you improve your speed, flexibility, placement, reaction time, footwork and coordination. They are made of high quality materials and practical to use. For example, the handle (the fist) is specially designed to work even more accurately and faster, which makes your training more effective and pleasant. Be one step ahead of your opponent with these Dragon Do reflex trainers. Choose Dragon Do and: Buy top quality martial arts and fitness products at an affordable price. Feel how the expertise from the field has been translated into the martial arts materials. Experience the uniqueness, strength, fearlessness and resilience of the dragon: Dragon Do, the way of the dragon. Dragon Do, fitness & fighting gear