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Drink Waters

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  • Location Paris, France
  • Since 2021
Instagram drink.waters
Drink Waters is good for our body because our ingredients are natural, rich in vitamins and very low in calories.
Drink Waters bottles are 100% Aluminum so Plastic Free and ♻️ infinitely recyclable.
Drink Waters is a member of 1% For the Planet and a partner of Sea Shepherd.


The Natural Spring Waters of the Alps:
- Still Natural Still Water
- Sparkling Natural Water Drink

Well-Being Waters:
4 colors, 4 highlights of the day that need special attention.
- Beauty: mix of red fruits with biotin, zinc, folic acid and vit. E, B1,5,6,12
- Calm: lemon, rosemary, magnesium
- Energy: passion fruit, ginger, turmeric, niacin and vit. B1.6
- Happy: yuzu, green tea, L-tyrosine (happiness enzyme), zinc, magnesium, zinc
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