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Candle Holder | PLAIN
Emalco Enamelware

Candle Holder | PLAIN

The cherry on top for the Plain collection! The candle holder will complement every dinner. Now, you will be able to set the perfect mood regardless if it will be a romantic dinner or casual friends’ gathering! Smooth and very durable thanks to high-quality steel and a solid layer of enamel. Must-have for those, who love classic and timeless dishes. Non-refundable and allowed: 1. Imperfections on the Goods, such as small protuberances, blisters, marks caused by hooks used to hang and properly fire the dishes, nonsignificantly crooked graphics, pigment smears, slight burns of the enamel layer, slight deficits of enamel. 2. Slight difference in the shade of enamel between dishes of the same color. Enamel is an exceptionally durable material. Unlike ceramics or glass, it does not shatter when dropped. However, it may chip. With proper care, it will last for years.

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