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Bracelet Topaze citron - Pierres boules 6mm - 22 - FA
France Minéraux

Lemon Topaz bracelet - 6mm ball stones - 22 - FA

Lemon topaz bracelet composed of 6mm ball stonesDescription of the lemon topaz bracelet in 6mm ball stonesThe topaz stone is a crystal which belongs to the orthorhombic crystalline system and which is part of the silicate family. It is classified among the fine stones. The origin of its name is uncertain. According to various sources, its name comes from the Sanskrit word “tapaz” which means “fire”. Others think that its name comes from the Greek island Topazios, called nowadays Zabargad. The topaz stone comes in different colors: yellow, blue, pink, white, red, purple and green. Blue topaz is the most used in jewelry. The imperial topaz, native to Russia, has a hue ranging from golden to orange-red. Precious topaz is a yellow, orange, red or pink topaz. Cherry topaz is a red topaz. White topaz is a colorless topaz. Finally, fire topaz is a multicolored topaz. During Antiquity, the topaz stone was called the "stone of gold", because it facilitated the search for gold. The Egyptians used it as an amulet. The Romans and the Greeks used it to develop their forces. In the Middle Ages, topaz was used to soothe vision problems. Topaz stone was also used for its many virtues. Thus, in China, the inhabitants hung it in their housing so that it spreads good health and energy. In India, doctors used it to tone the blood circulation and the heart. In 1640, the most famous topaz named the Braganza was found in a Brazilian mine in the Ouro Preto region. Several regions of the world have deposits of topaz stone. The largest deposit is in Brazil. The others are mainly found in Africa, Asia, the United States and South America.Properties of the lemon topaz bracelet in 6mm ball stones in lithotherapyProperties of the lemon topaz bracelet on the mental level in lithotherapyLemon topaz has many virtues on a psychological level. It represents the crystal of luck and love. A soft stone, it promotes relationships and communication with others. It helps to develop intellectual faculties. Finally, the lemon topaz bracelet brings its wearer joy and good health. Properties of the lemon topaz bracelet on the physical level in lithotherapy Lemon topaz also has many properties on the physical level. It is used to relieve visual disturbances. It promotes blood circulation. It helps digestion and stimulates the metabolism. It also has a soothing virtue that promotes restful sleep. Finally, the lemon topaz bracelet energizes the body of the wearer. Astrological signs corresponding to the lemon topaz bracelet The astrological signs which correspond to the 6mm lemon topaz bracelet are the scorpion, the lion as well as cancer. to energize the solar plexus chakra.Maintenance of the lemon topaz bracelet in 6mm ball stonesIn order to maintain the lemon topaz bracelet 6mm effectively, it is possible to purify the lemon topaz in distilled water. Moreover, to preserve all its virtues, it can be recharged by placing it on a mass of quartz.

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