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  • Since 2006
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For over 70 years, Gliptone has been developing premium car detailing products using the
latest technology to offer professional detailers and enthusiasts superior car care solutions.
We carry a complete range of ceramics that shield fabric, tyres and bodywork. The Gliptone
product range provides the perfect gift for a car enthusiast - and for professional detailers,
our high-performance results speak for themselves. From 500ml to a gallon, we can provide
you with the quantities and results that you need.

Our pH neutral formulas provide a safe yet powerful solution to remove contaminants
from your car, creating an ultra-smooth and clean surface ready for preparation.


Using the very latest in detailing technology, our preparation products lift stubborn

road film and dirt before polish and waxing


Remove surface imperfections, such as scratches and oxidation, with our wide
selection of polishes designed to protect paintwork and trim, leaving a high gloss


Our easy-to-apply Carnauba and cream wax with Nano Ceramic Technology
provides maximum surface protection, enhancing your car’s shine to showroom brightness.
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