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  • Since 2001
Grenade Protein Bar, the No. 1 protein bar from the UK is here! Your new favorite guilt-free snack... Since 2018, Grenade has been the market leader in protein bars in the UK. With an unparalleled taste and texture, these chocolate covered bars contain a whopping 20 to 23 grams of protein and less than 2 grams of sugar. We've got you! Grenade is the solution for anyone with an active lifestyle... These functional on the go snacks are for every moment of the day, for your training to support muscle building, on the road or as a late night snack... you name it ! A snack that fits into any fitness, slimming or protein diet, as a low carb solution. In addition to the protein bars, Grenade also has ready to drink protein shakes, energy drinks and spreads available in various sensational flavors!
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