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Duftkerze Haribo Cherry Cola - 510g

Scented candle Haribo Cherry Cola - 510g

The Cherry Cola scented candle is equipped with two wicks to ensure an even and clean burn. 

The top note of this scented candle combines a fruity blend of pineapple, orange, strawberry, red berry, red apple and black cherry. 

These sparkling and juicy fruit notes create a happy and invigorating atmosphere and make the mouth water.  In the heart note you will find a spicy combination of cinnamon, anise, clove buds, plum and sweet jasmine. 

These harmonious spice and flower nuances give the scented candle a special depth and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.  The base note of the Cherry Cola scented candle consists of an enticing blend of musk, vanilla, raspberry and tonka. 

These creamy and sweet notes create a pleasant and sensual atmosphere that draws you into the fragrance.    HARIBO TM & © 2023 HARIBO Holding GmbH & Co. 


All rights reserved. Produced by Fragrance and Style GmbH

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