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parelketting, gehaakte ketting met witte pareltjes, p66
Hester Zagt Sieraden

pearl necklace, crochet necklace with white pearls, p66

This pearl necklace is crocheted with strong nylon thread. The nylon thread has a beige color. The white pearls are about 0.3 mm thick and have a high quality. It looks very fragile but is very strong. The clasp is made of silver, it is a 6mm thick spring ring. The necklace is about 43 cm long. Would you like the necklace longer or shorter? Then let us know. All jewelry is made by hand, so that's no problem. If you have a pearl necklace that you no longer wear, I can possibly make this necklace. Then the pearls should be about 3mm. If in doubt, you can always consult me! Other stones such as garnet and red coral are also welcome! This necklace is inspired by my grandmother's handiwork. When I stayed with her we were always doing needlework, from her I learned, among other things, to embroider and smocking. Everything I have learned from her runs like a thread through my creative life. Handmade and packaged with love!

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