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Jawline Jewellery

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  • Since 2016
Jawline Jewellery - Designed to encourage the curious.
Blinking doll eye jewellery and more.

Hello! My name is India, I run Jawline Jewellery.
I've been working with dolls & doll parts since 2006. Strangely, I was never particularly into dolls as a child, but during my teens I started to become more interested; their distant stares made me feel slightly uncomfortable, yet they also drew me in. I also realised the joy in taking something apart and out of context.
With a passion for old toys, oddities, the more peculiar side of life and a strong interest in creating jewellery I started Jawline Jewellery as it's known today back in 2016. It started with a single doll eye necklace and has now expanded to a range of jewellery, accessories, artwork and more.

My work is kinda creepy, but also kinda cute! It encourages the curious; these doll eyes blink! I like my work to be as interactive as possible; unless requested artwork is left without glass to you can touch the eyes and make them move.

Featured by the likes of Ashnikko, Jawline Jewellery pieces are designed to stand out; It's not for everyone, and that's a part of the joy of it, it always creates a reaction with a dash of nostalgia.
My work seems to resonate with those who are drawn to the more curious side of life, or those who want something unique. Looking equally at home on a dark gothic outfit or a colourful pair of dungarees my jewellery is super versatile!

Each piece is made by hand, here in Brighton, UK. I pride myself on quality and attention to detail - I want every piece to be perfect in it's own way.

If you have any queries or would like to know more, please get in touch, I'm happy to help
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