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Just Cool Design

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  • Location Barcelona, SPAIN
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Just Cool Design is a brand for cool wall art with a twist. Hand drawn and designed by Marion Dönneweg. Colorful, graphic, bold and loved by grown-ups and kids alike.
Before running her tiny one-woman business based in Barcelona, she worked for 13 years as art director in advertising agencies for brands like BMW, adidas and Coca Cola. A successful career, winning national and international awards (including gold in the prestigious Cannes Lions advertising festival), and being 3 times jury gave her the opportunity to take the plunge and start her own independent branding consultancy for the next 10 years.
Marion lives with two kids and an always hungry cat in an old little house. They even have a plum tree in the garden (makes great marmalade, maybe a bit sour). Her mother was a spanish artist and her father a german engineer (ugh!). She grew up happily in Africa with no TV and no chocolate. This might explain her chocolate obsession. Things she strongly believes in: Three coffee in the morning. The power of a smile. Love. And of course chocolate.
So here she is: showing the world her cool little things, made with love and care, and hoping you will like them as well.
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