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Juste Un T-shirt

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  • Since 2019
Juste un Tshirt presents a collection of products designed, printed and embroidered in France in our own workshops located in the Paris region.

The strength of our brand? T-shirts and accessories created in a humorous tone and with many references to everyday life that will make young and old laugh.

All our t-shirts, sweatshirts, pouches and tote-bags are made of 100% organic cotton and labeled GOTS*.

This certification guarantees many things, but if we chose it it is above all for its ecological and socially responsible production method. A great pride for us because of the 25 million tons of cotton produced each year, only 1% of this production is organic.

*The GOTS label is an ecological guarantee...
At least 70% organic fibers in the product, absence of harmful chemicals, reduction of water and energy consumption and with an ecological manufacture from the beginning to the end of the production chain
... and social.
Compliance with ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions, no forced labor or children, with safe working conditions and decent wages
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