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Kalani Amsterdam

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  • Since 2014
Top Amsterdam Gift.
Artistic and culturally inspired scarves and bags.
Every product is more than just a souvenir; it’s a piece of Dutch art traveling the world with you.

Kalani Amsterdam is the product of a love story between a designer, Reza Kalani, and his hometown, Amsterdam. Reza Kalani is a young Iranian-Dutch designer with an undying passion for art and fashion; a creative individual who considers fashion as one of the most fluid and influential forms of art. From the very beginning, Reza’s focus has been on designing scarves, bags, and other accessories that defy the conventions of time and never go out of style. Starting out in 2014 with designing the brand logo, Reza Kalani has been paying a tribute to all splendid aspects of the magical city of Amsterdam ever since, from its art and culture to its architecture and lively spirit.
Kalani Amsterdam derives its greatest inspiration from the stupendous art and bustling culture of the Dutch metropolis. Reza has effortlessly combined rich baroque details from beloved Dutch artworks with sleek geometrical patterns reminiscent of Dutch architecture and landscape to create products that are unique yet quintessentially Dutch. In addition to that, every Kalani Amsterdam product embodies the various interpretations of the word Kalani, making it the perfect choice for a soul of substance.
Kalani Amsterdam believes in settling on nothing but the very best for you. And this applies to all our creations, from conception through to execution. At Kalani Amsterdam, we work tirelessly to select materials and fabrics of only the finest quality in the preparation of all our products to ensure durability, longevity, and reliability. Moreover, every product possesses a distinctive design that is the fruit of intense passion and diligent labor. The finishing touch of elegance and panache is then added by the luxurious packaging that makes for the choicest gift as well as the ideal way to treat yourself.
Kalani Amsterdam is the flag bearer of unmatched craft and skillful technique and promises high quality and uniqueness in all items, be they scarves, ties, or wallets. For instance, all our scarves are hand-rolled to give them an artisanal finish and make you feel loved, not to mention add that extra special touch to any attire. Another discernable honor is the acknowledgment of Kalani Amsterdam as one of the five top Amsterdam gift brands in 2018, as every Kalani product is more than just a souvenir; it is the perfect Dutch memento and a wonderful opportunity to bring home an extract of Amsterdam or share your love for the city and Dutch art with kith and kin. And the list does not end here; Kalani Amsterdam pieces are top gift products that companies, brands, and organizations can present to their personnel or clients at any corporate or promotional event and hence make it an affair to remember.
Kalani Amsterdam welcomes all retailers and fashion stores that house chic and classy fashion goods to join hands with us so we can embark on a new journey of success together.
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