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Bague "Guérison et Clairvoyance" en Labradorite ovale et Argent 925
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Ring "Healing and Clairvoyance" in oval Labradorite and 925 Silver

💍 Ring Size Guide Let yourself be hypnotized by the elegance of this labradorite and 925 silver ring. The ring is set with a bewitching stone with iridescent reflections, emitting therapeutic and mystical vibrations. Choose this ring to develop your intuition and clairvoyance. Labradorite is also highly valued for its protective power. Its energy acts as a vibratory shield, which protects you against harmful energies. With this labradorite ring on your finger, you maintain your emotional peace and clarity of mind, even in stressful or difficult situations. Labradorite is also called "the stone of therapists", because it is used by the latter to protect themselves from the harmful energies that their patients could transmit to them. A crystal with a magical aura, labradorite also stimulates your intuition. Corresponding to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, it would be conducive to the development of clairvoyance. It helps you understand situations beyond appearances. The beautiful gem with metallic reflections can thus assist you in making the right decision by relying on your inner guidance. Wear this ring during your daily meditation: it reinforces your anchoring when you meditate, while protecting you against negative waves. Labradorite is a stone with a regenerating vibration, which drastically reduces stress. Wear this ring to nourish joy, and defuse feelings of anguish or despair. Energetically, Labradorite helps to harmonize the aura, encouraging the manifestation in your life of positive people and happy circumstances. Worn as a ring, labradorite notably stimulates the energy of your hands. This ring therefore strengthens your healing power. Thanks to this effect, it also renews your creative energy, because it is through your hands that you give shape to your ideas. The ring is made of 925 silver, which helps the stone release its energy and transmit its virtues. This ring is adjustable and available in 2 sizes; you are therefore sure that it will fit you perfectly, and you can also choose which finger to wear it on. FEATURES : - Composition: 925 Silver ring - Stones: Labradorite - Size: 2 sizes to choose from, small from 4.5 to 7 and large from 6 to 9 💍 Ring Size Guide

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